Gino Marchi's goal when in the 60's he bought the La Querce company was to produce high quality products. In all these years we have found the right formula between field/plants/manpower, the so called "terroir", in order to produce excellent wines and a fine extra virgin olive oil. Still today each step towards improvement is a choice that Massimo Marchi takes with his family and his staff, led by Marco Ferretti, the farm manager.

The estate is located on the Chianti Florence hill that faces Impruneta at the heart of the Chianti Colli Fiorentini production area. In its 42 hectares of extension we grow vineyards and olive trees from which we get the main products of our farm: grapes and olives.

The land is cultivated according to both tradition and innovation, limiting chemical interventions in order to reach the balance between soil and plants. As a result we obtain high quality products.

The soil in our chianti hills tend to be clayey, this allows to always have a water reserve at our disposal that plants can use in harsh moments. Most fields face south in a wide valley; this helps to obtain sun exposure and light breeze during the harvest.